Construction and development

The Group has implemented a number of projects in retail, entertainment and residential real estate, having built over 100000 sq. various objects. Among the completed projects:

Trade malls:

«ESENINO» – three-level complex with a total area of 11 250 sq.m, Krivoy Rog;
Saturn-95» – two-level shopping and office centre with a total area of 5100 sq.m, Krivoy Rog;
«Evening» & «Sunny» the biggest trade markets located in, Krivoy Rog.

Construction of luxury apartments:

Messogios Shore Habitat is one of the biggest and most luxurious developments, which consists of 87 apartments, 18 maisonettes, 16 houses, 29 stores and 5 exclusive villas in Cyprus. The project is located along the Mediterranean sea and has 2 communal swimming pools, park, playground, cafe, restaurant and shops.
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Rýnský dvůr. Apartments with parking for sale in the centre of Karlovy vary, Czech Republic, along river Tepla near to luxury hotels and restaurants. The project envisages 39 apartments from 62 to 228 sq.m.
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«Arcadia Luxury Palace». Successfully completed project with apartments of premium class located at Gagarinsky Plato, Odessa along the Black Sea.

The strategy of «Dara Group» foresees development of existing and acquisition of new land plots and buildings as well as considering investment projects for successful completion of the existing facilities.