Established in 1995 «DARA Group» has grown into large multi-sectorial group of companies operating in mining, energy, engineering, shipbuilding, telecommunication and other sectors. The group consists of more than 40 companies employing around 1000 people.

  • In 2004 LLC “Grimaldi” was founded becoming the main investment and management company of «DARA Group» in Ukraine. The establishment of the company became the fundamental step for the development and success of «DARA Group»
  • In 2005 “Kelmos Enterprises LTD” (Cyprus) was established operating in trade and investment sectors, becoming important strategic unit for groups worldwide expansion and development of strong international partnerships.

Company has a number of foreign projects:

- Project «Messogios Shore Habitat is one of the biggest and most luxurious developments, which consists of 87 apartments, 18 maisonettes, 16 houses, 29 stores and 5 exclusive villas in Cyprus. The project is located just a few metres from the Mediterranean sea. The complex has 2 communal swimming pools, park, playground, restaurant and shops. Cyprus

 Hotel Aberg» Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary.

- Construction of a residential complex «Rynsky Dvur» Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary.

  • In 2007 by merging several multi profile companies it was decided to establish «DARA Group» in order to consolidate the assets and optimize the operations with financial institutions and multiple stakeholders.
  • In 2008 «DARA Group» diversifies its portfolio into high technology and started to produce installations generating synthetic sapphire crystals, which are highly valued by the Group’s Chinese partners.

  • In 2009 «Dara Group» establishes a clear development strategy to expand business through internal growth and new acquisitions in strategically important areas of industry and economy (mining, energy, real estate, etc).
  • During 2010-2012 «Dara Group» continues to implement its strategy and acquires deposits in Peru, Panama and Ukraine. Much attention is paid to joint projects with Chinese partners