16 March, 2015

The owner of DARA Group Eduard Samotkal has urged the Chinese to invest in the Ukrainian agricultural sector 58 million dollars

During the next five years a joint Ukrainian-Chinese investment project in Chernigov region should be implemented, namely creation of a powerful agrarian enterprise “Fangda”. The project provides on attracting $ 58 million – the largest direct Chinese investment in the history of independent Ukraine.

- How did you convince Chinese investors to invest in the Ukrainian agricultural sector?
We have been working for 8 years with our Chinese partner. DARA Group has a good credit history; we had a lot of interesting projects not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. China has several priorities for investment: the agricultural sector, mining, and infrastructure facilities development. Together with our partners we have selected agricultural area and began collaboration for achieving mutual benefits.

- The use of Chinese investment is planned in several ways. Which areas of activity is a high priority? Please highlight whether China has the means?
The project development plan involves four phases: development of crop farming (Investment of 17500000 US dollars.) – a modern agricultural crops company will be established; pig farming (12500000 US dollars.), having about 50 thousand heads per year. The company is already working on reconstruction of barns. It is provided 25 million US dollars investment for this purpose which already have been received. Four farms will be constructed, each of which will contain 5 thousand. animals. The fourth step of project implementation of is establishment of the greenhouse complex to grow vegetables and their processing.

– What is the land bank of “Fuada” today?
Its approximately 4,700 hectares of land under use for animal feed growing. Based on the content of 20 thousand cattle there will be enough land. However, if we increase the population in future there will be not enough land so we’re going to negotiate with the Chernigov Regional Administration and Heads of neighboring regions on the possibility of expanding the land bank.

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